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Australian Miantenance Plumbing Services are your Central Coast Specialists in blocked Drains with over 20 years experience. AMPS Plumbing offers a same day blocked drain service to all areas on the Central Coast, 24 hours a day 7 Days per week!!!!!
Our blocked drain vehicles are fitted with the latest in High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment ensuring that your blockage will be rectified quickly and cost effectively. The Jetter works by sending water at high pressure down through the sewer and stormwater lines, cutting through and removing any obstacles inside the pipework with ease. Gone are the days of using the electric eel, where the possibility of potential damage to existing pipework was extremely high - so you can rest assured that there will be no further damage caused by clearing any blockages at hand.

There are many causes of blocked drains some of which could include:

  • Tree Root Intrusion
    • Cracked or collapsed pipework
      • Lodgement of Foreign Objects
        • Flat lying pipes
          • Silt build up

If your blocked drain is a re-occurring one, it is most likely caused by tree roots re-growing or a collapsed pipe section. In this case, we strongly recommend that we inspect your drain using our CCTV camera to pinpoint the cause and the location of the problem, once we have cleared the drain using the high pressure water jetter.

Our qualified team of specialised plumbers at AMPS are The Blocked Drain Specialists on the Central Coast so give us a call today to solve any blockage issues you may be experiencing.