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Drainage Camera's or CCTV's, are fantastic tools that allow us to inspect the condition of your sewer or storm water line. Amps Plumbing uses the latest technology in camera's and are able to offer digital documentation of the inspection carried out in the form of crisp, clear photos or digital recording upon request. This allows you to see first hand the damage and/or condition of the drainage system. By using the CCTV Cameras our experienced plumbers are able to view the condition of pipework and quickly establish the best course of action to take fix any problem that presents itself.

To conduct a drain camera inspection we insert the camera head into the pipework and then track the head using a ground locator which displays the exact location and depth of the camera's position. Pinpointing the exact position of damaged pipework we are able to save time, energy and also minimise damage to your property, which means no unncecessary costly digups, and repair work needed.

Drainage camera's are regularly used after a blockage has been cleared using our high pressure water Jetter. This ensures that the line has been cleared 100% and there are no further problems or obstructions within the drainage system.

CCTV Inspections can also be used to map the position and check on current condition of sewer lines and drainage pipework prior to:

buying a property

installing a swimming pool 

Planning a home extension. 

AMPSPLUMBING offer expert advise and service, and we also use the latest equipment on the market. So why not give us a call Today!!!!