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Australian Maintenance Plumbing Services specialise in servicing and maintaining Strata and Property Maintenance buildings throughout the entire Central Coast. Our comprehensive knowledge of both common property and owners own jurisdiction, assists both us and our clients when on site making an assessment of the plumbing situation.

We are equipped with specialised plumbing tools and machinery to ensure the works are carried out swiftly and professionally. Our equipment  includes high pressure water jetters - large and small for clearing sewer and storm water drains, CCTV for inspecting drains and wall cavities, gas leak location equipment, electronic pipe tracing and leak listening equipment for finding underground water leaks and hydraulic plumbing crimping tools to ensure any water leak is repaired swiftly.

We are equipped with comprehensive property maintenance software to manage and maintain all properties. Our software allows us to provide detailed reports and work photos with all invoices and set periodic tasks against site assets. Our clients are also sent an automatic email upon our arrival and departure from the site.

We can also provide clients with a logon to our system to enable them to access the system to book a job, approve or decline a quote, request a quote, inspect site photos, escalate a task and much more. We fully understand that communication between contractors and managers is vital at all times. If you require a professional plumbing contracting company to maintain the plumbing on your building or sites, then please contact us today on 4367 0011.