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When you've exhausted all DIY plumbing options for your clogged drain, consult AMPS Plumbing. We use advanced equipment to perform plumbing drain camera inspections, so you can confidently say goodbye to blocked drainage systems quickly! To visually inspect Blocked drains and Pipework a CCTV camera inspection is required. The inspection provides both us and the property owner information that is crucial for determining the best course of action for repairs to be carried out. The camera produces clear, crisp photos to view and also digital recording when requested.

Rest assured that our professional drain camera inspection team thoroughly examines every nook and cranny of your drain, leaving no area unchecked.

Our Services

AMPS Plumbing uses the best and latest technology in drainage cameras, enabling us to offer our customers the Best Service Available on the Central Coast, NSW.

A CCTV camera inspection is required to inspect blocked drains and pipework. The assessment provides both us and the property owner information that is crucial for determining the best course of action for repairs to be carried out. The camera produces clear, crisp photos and digital recordings when requested.

Our latest camera has a range of up to 60 metres, and we can determine the following whilst carrying out the inspection:The current condition of pipework

  • The current condition of pipework
  • If infiltration of tree roots has occurred
  • Are there any foreign object blockages
  • Track the ability of liquid to flow freely
  • Easily locate tree roots

Our Process: How We Do It?

To conduct a drain camera inspection, we insert the camera head into the pipework and then track the head using a ground locator, which displays the exact location and depth of the camera's position. Pinpointing the precise placement of damaged pipework, we can save time and energy and minimise damage to your property, which means no unnecessary dig-ups and repair work is required.CCTV Inspections are  also used to map the position and check on current condition of sewer lines and drainage pipework prior to: buying a property, installing a pool or planning an extension.

Drainage cameras are also regularly used after clearing a blockage using our high-pressure water Jetter. This ensures that the line has been removed 100% and there are no further problems or obstructions within the drainage system.

CCTV Inspections are also used to map the position and check on the current condition of sewer lines and drainage pipework before buying a property, installing a pool or planning an extension.

FAQs About Plumbing Drain Camera Inspection

If your drains remain clogged despite your best efforts to clean them, it could be a sign of a more significant problem with the drainage system. This is the time to seek the assistance of experts in plumbing drain camera inspection.

To give you a quick glimpse of its entirety, here are two of the most frequently asked questions about a residential and commercial plumbing drain camera inspection:

1. What does a drain inspection camera do?

A plumbing drain camera inspection is ideal for identifying and diagnosing problems in a clogged sewage drain. With it, experts correctly fix the plumbing issue, preventing further damage to the drain.

Like any camera, this provides skilled plumbers with a precise visual picture of what is clogging your drain, such as grease accumulation, foreign items, and so on, allowing them to make an informed decision on the best remedy for your problem.

2. How far can a dran camera go?

A drain camera can travel from 60 to 330 feet (the longer it travels, the more professional the camera is). AMPS Plumbing offers plumbing drain camera inspection for up to 60 meters (196 feet).

When scheduling a plumbing drain camera inspection, it's essential to consider the emergency and the diameter of the pipes. Ask the plumber about the length of their equipment to ensure it will effectively meet your needs before hiring them. You may also express your issue first so they can provide the best solutions for the blocked drain.

Even if the cable length is appropriate for your drain, remember that the longer the camera goes, the more difficult it can be to handle and navigate. The quality of the video feed may also degrade.

More Successful Plumbing Solutions with Reliable Equipment

Don't put off your property's convenience and safety. The longer you ignore a plumbing issue, the more damage it will create in the future. Save the phone number of one of the most outstanding plumbing companies, such as AMPS Plumbing, in your notepads or phonebook.

Hire AMPS Plumbing to deal with your clogged drains! We can do the project on time and with minimal disruption to your routine through our plumbing drain camera inspection and water Jetter. Dial 02 4367 0011!

If you have urgent or after-hours plumbing issues, you can contact 0412 442 797 to avail of our 24-hour emergency plumbing services.

AMPS PLUMBING offer expert advise and service, and we also use the latest equipment on the market. So why not give us a call Today!!!!  


Some advantages of using a Drainage Camera:

  • Quickly find issues in pipework
  • Locate exact posistion of problem
  • Minimise digging
  • Minimise property damage
  • Easily locate tree roots
  • Identify extent of damage







I would like to Thank You for your service on fixing our Hot Water System.

The service I received was great
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Graeme Taylor

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I felt that (AMPS) were such hard-working and professional operators, and made good judgements when and where facing the unknown factors that this job presented...I was pleased at the way (AMPS) cleaned up the trench after laying the new pipe, and at all times I got the impression that they cared about the quality of their work. I was expecting a much more sloppy performance of such a messy task. Finally, it was a pleasure to have these two operators work here, as we were confident of their good character and they both worked really hard. Even though this job was expensive for us, I feel that we got value in having such a difficult problem solved by a genuinely solid effort. Thanks to AMPS for this job which was well done!

Thank you AMPS for the quick and professional response to a leak that had our front lawn wet and squelchy, with water covering our driveway. We have needed your services a few times, firstly in our town house with the strata and secondly in our home, water leaks and gas pipe fittings. We would be very happy to recommend your company. Every time we have had dealings with AMPS my husband and I are very happy with the work done. A very big thank you to Tony and Gary

Katerina and Graeme


I would like to make mention of the exceptional service I received recently from two of your employees.
I believe these two wonderful employees deserve to be mentioned for their brilliant customer service. I will definitely be using your company in the future.
Thank you again Cameron and Brock, you restored my faith in what real customer service is.

Julie Bonner


Writing on behalf of my mother... Prompt service - Brock was polite, helpful, professional and left the job in a clean state. An overall great experience. I highly recommend using the service.

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Great Service:
Quoted a good price and then replaced hot water heater the same day!
Professional, friendly, informative technician.
Couldn't have been better.

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